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Teacher with Pupils




Every teacher starts their carreer with a dream. I'm here to make that dream a reality again.

You are not just a teacher, you are leading the future!
But perhaps you have lost yourself along the way, feeling overwhelmed by deadlines, demands & dilemmas.
The world needs you! You are not alone. Let me help you to focus again on your calling.
Therapy Session

The Reclaim-Your-Calling plan

1. How bad is it

Take the quick Teacher Stress Test to find out just how overwhelmed you are. It's free, easy and confidential.

Thinking of Ideas

It's so important for your coach to be the right fit.
Book your free 30 min Discovery Call and let's find out if & how I may help you.

The journey begins, where I teach you to cope with conflicting demands: management & rules, colleagues & competition, parents & expectations, children & differences (cultural, personalities, abilities, socio-economic statuses).
Sessions are in-person or via video calls.

2. Try it out

3. This will work

“ Kate has such a warm, joyous and friendly disposition, I immediately felt comfortable. She gave me clarity, a wider perspective on how I was viewing my situation. I am now emotionally uplifted through her encouraging and compassionate approach.

What some teachers had to say




Teachers may have similar issues, however one-approach-fits-all does not work. I support you in overcoming your unique issues that are blocking you from achieving what you want from life, using NLP (neurolinguistic programming, transformational therapy), hypnotherapy, time line therapy or a combination of all three.


I hear you, I can understand your perspective. I have been in education for over 25 years, so I know first-hand what you are going through. You want to focus on the child, their growth, while watching miracles happen as children learn to think deeply and socialize effectively.  You want to connect with your students and join them on a learning journey of fun.


I've got your back! I am your confidente, you can share your struggles in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment. I will use different techniques, methods and strategies to support you to get the desired outcome. The joy of learning, that's the real outcome.

My promise to you

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