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Educational Leadership Philosophy
  • IMPACT. Educational leaders hold transformational power to positively influence societies and our environment by skillfully creating deep and meaningful learning experiences that students will remember for the rest of their lives.​
    As a Head of School, I am a pedagogical leader, or lead learner, who sets the tone for our collaborative work of achieving the school’s mission and vision. 
    A successful school fosters leadership that can actively listen and support all leaders, teachers and students to reflect on their successes and growth points. In order to maintain continual development as open-minded global citizens, we must educate students to take action to make the world a better place.

  • COLLABORATE. My commitment to creating a culture of psychological safety is key to fostering a cohesive learning environment for both students and staff. Leading with empathy and compassion are essential to cultivating the trusting relationships needed with all stakeholders of the school community, to inspire others towards action and impact. In order to create these strong bonds, leaders must be both visible and approachable, while seeking to understand the needs of various stakeholders.    

  • INNOVATE. Successful learning institutions run effective and efficient systems.  Schools need leaders who have the vision to see opportunities and create systems for clear expectations, transparent communication and student-centered decision making. Furthermore, recognition and understanding of issues surrounding equity and inclusion must be uncovered if we are to reach excellence for all.  Every student can reach their potential if given the opportunity and support to do so.  By taking one hundred percent responsibility for our actions as leaders, we inspire others to do the same. These actions will lead to an ethos of accountability.


Experience. With 25 years of experience in Education, including 22 years of classroom teaching and 20 years in leadership roles, I leverage strategic vision and systems thinking to deliver leadership for effective school growth and student development.
- Through incorporating innovative initiatives I promote community engagement amongst diverse populations.
- My student-centered and mission focused leadership is recognized by my community.
- I am both knowledgeable and approachable, as I lead the advancement of challenging and rigorous school goals.
- I possess keen communication and interpersonal skills that facilitate strong relationships with students, parents and colleagues, and engender an educational environment that is conducive to motivation, equity and continuous improvement.

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