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21 Day Equity and Inclusion Challenge

Who is in?  I am in!  Are you?

My Sunday night journey on Twitter led me to Michael Matera (@mrmatera), author of Explore Like A Pirate, who is leading a 21 Day Challenge described in the video above.

The Day 1 reflection question asks you to reflect on why you signed up and what you hope to get out of this experience...

I hope to join a community of like-minded teachers who care about helping each student to find his voice.  I teach in an international school with many English language learners.  It is a International Baccalaureate School that values Student Agency.  In fact, my small group PLC at school, is studying what student agency looks like.  My current theory is that for students to experience 'agency' they must find their 'voice' first. Let us see how if this is still how I think at the end of the 21 Day Challenge...

Tomorrow I will start on Day 2, and I will spend some time observing social interactions today. I will ask myself @mrmatera's questions...

What patterns do you notice?

Whose voices tend to be the loudest? 

Whose voices tend to be ignored?

Who sits with whom? 

Is there a pattern related to identity?

Will you join me on the journey?  Comment or reply below!  I would love to hear from you.

Yours in passion for education,

Kate O'Connell

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