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The (Super) Power of a Teacher

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hi Educators,

Are you on Holiday still? If not, how was your first day/week back to school?

We had a nice start to the year with a full day PD on Monday January 6th and then Tuesday January 7th was the national 'Victory over Genocide' holiday here in Cambodia. Students started back Wednesday January 8th.

I always think that the first day back really sets the tone for the semester and I am glad that we are able to start each Term with a Professional Development Day.

Over the year, our Pedagogical Leadership Team has reflected on the way we structure our meetings.  As we are an IB Candidate school it has been a change for teachers to now work collaboratively.  So, we thought we should always start meetings with our WHY and then do a small team building exercise to bring out that as a staff we are focused on kids and working together. Here I'll talk about the WHY.

For the WHY we watched a TEDx Talk...

I love Adam's story. Most of us have a similar story.  What is yours?  Let's collect these stories, share in the comments below.

Back to Adam, his story is a reminder that we, as teachers, have powers. 

1. We have power to affect our students lives by seeing the best versions of our students and letting them know in writing. 

2. Our powers are generational.

I wanted to drive home Adam's idea that if we know our WHY we will be those amazing powerful teachers who change lives and affect generations. 

As we start 2020 - the year of perfect vision :-) - I want all educators to remember the profound impact we can have.  Let's join together and make it a positive one.  My call to all is to let you students know their awesomeness.  See the good.  Recognize the potential and know you are changing the course of the future. 

Yours in passion for education,

Kate O'Connell

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